Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Grad School!

So I'm right in the thick of things with my degree! You forget the little bubble students create for themselves! Somehow you forget what is going on in the rest of the world and all you can talk about is your project..or due dates (not babies), or I don't know the library! It makes me nuts!

Really learning a lot though but in such a short period of time! What I have left to do before I come home for xmas is...
Produce a Documentary (found a great interior designer to help with this project)
Write a research paper and then present it to my peers (yikes)
Create my own website
Another research paper comparing the different frames used by the Irish and UK media during Northern Ireland's troubles! (haven't started this one yet!)
Write a Script! (using Richy's bike story as the base for this one)
A large Graphic Design project!

So as you can see I'll be busy!
This weekend Richy and I are away to Edinburgh Scotland! So exciting for both of us to go back! Ahhhh that is where we met! Looking forward to seeing the city again and meeting some of Richy's friends from college!


Thursday, October 23, 2008

In the blogging mood!

So I should be doing research but I find myself checking out flights back home for Christmas, looking at other people's blogs, and just wasting time on the web!

Anyway update on the tanning situation! I decided after Molly used the word botox that tanning was a thing in my past! And 80 Euro for 120 minutes is an expensive way to get wrinkles! I decided to put my money to better use and join a gym! Now I can work off all those yummy sweets, Irish breakfasts, and potatoes that I've enjoyed since my arrival!

Question for y'all as well...Who do you think will win the election??? This isn't who do you want to win but what is your feeling about who will get the votes in the end.... About every other person asks me who I'm voting for over here....kinda strange cause we have it in our brains not to talk bout religion and politics! haha even though some of us do! : )

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

this last weekend!

Hi there! Richy and I enjoyed a nice and relaxed weekend! No housewarmings, no stabbings, no late nights in the pub, no trips across the country! Just chilled in Dublin and it was great!

Sometimes I live in a Seinfield episode

Random but funny! So I was in the restroom stall here at the college and found out too late that there wasn't any toilet paper. There was someone next to me, so I said as you do..~excuse me, is there toilet paper in your stall?~ I kinda thought this was international for 'hey give me some toilet paper' the girl said 'yeah there is toilet paper' she then flushed the toilet and left! Isn't that in a Seinfield episode?? too funny!

Pics from my relaxed weekend to come soon!

Friday, October 17, 2008

She's Back......

Okay...I'm guilty and those of you who know me know .......I like Britney Spears... I've had to like her under cover though for the last two years cause she's embarrassed me! But the girl is finally back I have to say! She has that pep in her step! Good for her!

I will now call out those of you who I know like her too! (can't be the only one embarrassing myself on the Internet) Ashley, Molly, Courtney, Emily, Leah, Kayla, DARREN! Ellen??? BRANDY! ANDI!!! who else am I missing??? I know there are more closet brit fans....let me know and I'll add ya! ha!

Monday, October 13, 2008

House Warming Party!

Molly from Pennsylvania is also studying applied digital media with me with Danny from Austria
doing the model pose game with Mc Duck!
Julie, Richy, and Emma
Darren and Lucy! Cracking themselves up with our mugs! haha!
The host and hostest with the mostest!
Catherine and Philly came down for the party from Armagh! Remember their wedding from my first blog!?
A group pic...Let's see most everyone in this pic worked with Richy at his first job in Dublin!
Bram and Aoife...Bram and Richy lived together in the Drumcondra house
Philly and Catherine, Mitchel and Rachel, and Richard and I...oh and the duck that provided much of the night's entertainment!
The boys! Richy, Eoin, and Darren

Went shopping for a new dress with my friend Naomi! Felt good to buy something that wasn't food or drink! I've been such a tight wad..have to be though!

Stephane, and Clair are working on their Master's with me!
Naomi and Peter! I met Naomi at houseworks (where I used to work)
I taught these girls the 5,6,7,8, 1 Model Pose picture game!

Home Sweet Home away from Home!

Finally some pictures of our Flat! We hosted a little house warming party Saturday night so the house was ready for the party! I do love our little place and it is in the perfect location for both of us! It is on the tiny side, but it makes for easy cleaning! There is room for a lovely blow up ma tress in the living room and visitors are welcome! : )

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Design and Tennis!

A few weekends ago I went with Richy to his IA (interiors association) tennis tournament! Although I'd been taking lessons before coming to Ireland I was too chicken to play! It was a nice evening and the tennis club was a short walk from our house! I really enjoyed getting to talk to other interior designers here in Dublin. Interesting to hear their points of view on style, economy, and construction in Ireland!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

a little injury.....

Well this weekend Richy and I had a little Trauma in the ER! We had been at a friends going away party in a well known pub. The place was packed and we were having a nice evening, but decided to head home at a decent hour (1:30 am)

We grabbed a cab and when Richy was unlocking our door I noticed his back was covered in blood. He had a huge cut across his back. It was such a clean cut that he didn't even know it was there....scary. After trying to clean it up, I realized it wasn't going to stop bleeding so off to the ER we went!

The ER in Dublin on a Saturday night is the last place in the world you want to be I quickly learned! By this I mean I was scared sitting in the waiting room...Really hard people in and out of there...Mostly ones who had been in fights and were somewhat proud of their injures.

Anyway after a frustrating 5 hour wait...Richy was finally stitched up! (I practically fainted and had to leave the room) Five stitches in all! The nurses thought the wound looked like a stab/slice wound....meaning someone may have taken a blade to Richy in the crowded pub!

Don't really know what else to say except I hope that people aren't really that senseless and stupid. I want to think Richy leaned up against some glass or something.....we'll probably never know.....

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

to tan or not to tan.......that is the question! (my most shallow blog yet!)

status of my skin a few weeks ago (please note Leah's hair is not familiar with the Irish humidity yet in this picture...sorry Leah)
Status of my skin upon arrival in Ireland!

Alright I know tanning is horrible for your skin. But so are about a million other things so pick your poison. I've never been one to tan so much that I look like leather...just a nice base is all I'm ever after.

So WHAT DO YOU THINK...The tanning place near my house is fairly nice and charges 80 Euro for 120 minutes.....a Euro is worth about $1.40 so you can do the math.

The man tells me you would never go for a 20 minute session like I'm used to (I guess you'd fry). Anyway he puts you on a plan and you build up your tan..yada yada...

Is it worth it?! Give me your feedback please please!