Monday, August 25, 2008

My favorite walk to work!

I think I mentioned that Richy and I have moved across Dublin into a cute little flat! Pics will come be up soon! Anyway I just love my walk to work! The first part is along a canal and the second part is along a street with the Georgian houses below! Anyway love the swans! Richy and I named them Gina and Fidelma! Gina cause I tend to say "dam Gina" every now and again and Fidelma cause if Richy doesn't know someones name she is Fidelma! Officially we are weird-o's I know!

Art in the park and the sea!

Every Sunday local artists set up their work around this park in Dublin! Richy and I had fun looking! There were some really cool paintings of Dublin that tempted me but student budget y'all!

Then we headed to Bray...kinda a suburb outside of Dublin that just so happens to be on the coast! We were picking up a chest of drawers for our new flat!

Pics of the new flat are coming! Just need a few more days to get organized!

You may notice that my hair is darker! Yes I did this myself! (Kayla is probably shaking her head about now) You may also notice that my skin is lighter...hmmmm need to get on this one ASAP! : )

Doors Of Dublin

A long time ago when England ruled Ireland the English Queen died and the people of Ireland were told to mourn and paint their doors black....well see for yourself what the Irish ended up doing! On my walk to work I get the privilege of walking down some of the old Georgian streets! These are a few of the doors I get to see!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

blank you very much........

okay so this song was on the lies! no bleeping the word!

see for yourself...its lily allen singing "guess who batman"

Thursday, August 21, 2008

On any given Sunday!

Just some pics of Richy and I messing about in Dublin. Some shots of Trinity College, The River Liffy, the Spire, and just randoms! Having fun! Some of you will understand why the pic Richy took of Elvis is so darn funny! (courtney and mallory) ha!

Hopefully the Razorbacks don't have the luck of Armagh!

Armagh lost in a heartbreaking game to Wexford on Saturday at Croke park in Dublin. Richy's house was close to the stadium so it did kinda have the "game day" feel that I love so much in Fayetteville! Armagh's season is now over so no more games til next season! The day started out so nice but ended in torrential downpours...flooded the streets! (even for Ireland that is bad)

GO HOGS GO!!! I'll miss not being around for this season! Should be an exciting one!


Guiness is like water over here and I'm trying my best to learn to like it! It just doesn't go down like a Miller Lite! Can't wait for my family to come visit! We will be hitting the Guinness factory!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Cavan Town = Girls shopping and tea trip!

So I'm behind on the blog so I'll do my best to get caught up! Richy's Mother Mary and Sister Andrea invited me up to Cavan (where Andrea lives) After a two hour bus ride I was in Cavan! It was a really enjoyable trip! We went into some cute shopes, had tea at a fancy hotel, enjoyed a fabulous lunch and dinner, and I learned some funny stuff about Richy! hehe!

We also went to see Andrea's new house currently being built! So interesting cause homes are built completely different over here! It is going to be a beautiful house and what a great setting! complete with Irish sheep, cows, and this cute little pig! Think i've found my Razorback mascot! ha!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

no internet!

hi there,
Richy's neighbors haven't been turning their internet on for me to steal lately! Should have internet though at the end of the weekend! Loads to blog about!
Later Gaters!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

okay i'm gonna brag!

Check out the sept/oct. issue of Kitchen And Bath Ideas!! On sale now! A kitchen I designed is in this issue! Yay! So excited! It is the storage issue! The Fackler's are the homeowners!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

the good the bad the ugly!

So there are some annoying things too! like the fact that it takes forever to open a bank account here....and there are loads of annoying paperwork things to be done...

I'm about to WALK back to the bank cause I left my bank card there this morning...groan!
Just wanted to fill everyone in on the day to day stuff...don't want you thinking I'm having tooo much fun! :) i am though! hehe!

Bank Holiday!

Monday was a bank holiday in Ireland! Richy and I had a fun day! We went to a cemetery where some famous Irish freedom fighters were buried. Very interesting and yes go ahead and call me Wednesday Adams...grave yards and hearses...I know I know?! Then we met a couple of Richy's friends at Phoenix Park (kinda a central park) for a little concert in the park! Nice way to spend the evening!

Hello Sligo!

Well back from another fun filled weekend! Started in Armagh having a "wee" Brandy with Mary Mac. Then on to Sligo to celebrate Claire's birthday! Whether it was playing on the beach, relaxing in the house, having a cocktail at the local pub, or dancing the night away at 'Velvet' a local night club, fun was had by all! Maybe too much fun! Oh and when I say night club..I'm not talking about the likes of Dickson Street Theatre...I'm talking swankkkYYY night club!

Friday, August 1, 2008

In case you were wondering....

yes the shopping in this city is excellent, great, grand, wonderful, fabulous! Not that I should be shopping or am shopping, but I thought I would let ya know! I have to remember I'm a student....and that I'm currently unemployed! : ) lets see how long I can remember this little fact....

week in review!

Well it is Friday (although every day has been a Friday for me since arriving)! Still working on the steps to be able to work! Nearly there! Also been looking for a place to live that is close to campus. So these things have been keeping me "busy" but still allow for sleeping in.....I feel so guilty! But I should enjoy it while I can right?!

I'm putting up some pictures of O'Connell Street up! A very pretty street in Dublin and one that if I find..I can find my way home! Last night we went to see 'Dark Knight' on O'Connell..Great Movie...but I did have strange dreams involving the scary joker!

This weekend we are headed to Sligo which is on the west coast of Ireland. Richy's friend is celebrating her birthday there at her parents "holiday home" Very excited to see more of Ireland and to get to know Richy's friends better!

Maybe we'll slip in another driving lesson too...I forgot to mention that last week Richy started to teach me to drive a stick shift in his Dad's empty hay field..Things were going good! I was really getting the hang of things til I broke the car. Well not really...just got the gears stuck and the car wouldn't move turn on, do anything at all! I felt terrible. Luckily Richy's Dad was able to wiggle some things around and fix it with no problem! sigh of relief!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Oh and Congrats to Lindsey and Drew on the birth of their daughter Charley! She looks precious!

And Leanne and Hunter found out they are having a boy!!! yay! So exciting! Rachel I lost our bet...I know I know! We still have Lauren though....???