Sunday, January 31, 2010

Happy bird day!

So my Birthday was the 21st of January. I had a lovely evening with Richy on Thursday and then Friday had dinner with my family and friends at Bordinos! It was a perfect night! Was so happy some of my besties could make it out!

Some of the girls!
This dude scares me a bit! But it was snuggie night on Dickson so we got or pic with one of the brave snuggie wearers.
Rich and I
As we were leaving, we realized that Ashley had a pinada' in the back of her car. Random I know but we thought it was funny to set the little unicorn on Dickson Street and watch people's reaction! Poor little guy got a beating! :)

Ellen and Ted!

Ellen and Ted were in town over the New Year and we had a little something to celebrate with them!!! They are getting married too!!! Yipee! So excited for you guys and happy to get to spend some time with you! We hope to visit you in DC soon! :)

New Years

So I'm going back a bit! For New Years Eve Richy and I went to spend some time in Eureka Springs, AR. My parents have a little holiday home about 10 minutes from there on the lake so it worked perfect for us! Here are some pics from the trip!

We came across the coolest retro, vintage shop...I wanted to take home this chair!
Richy wanted to see what the big Jesus was all about!
Crystal clear day!
View from the lake house! the snow

So I've been a terrible blogger lately. I know why too. I'm employed! :) Really enjoying my new job though. I find it interesting and changeling. The company is great and so are the people! Anyway three weeks down I should be getting used to things and will find more time to blog. I've missed it!

So....being the big kids that we are...we couldn't pass up all the recent snow had to offer....

Monday, January 11, 2010

New Job!

Well I am starting a new job tomorrow that I'm thrilled about! Rockfish Interactive is the company! Wish me luck! :)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2009 In Review

At the start of a new year I always like to reflect on the past one. It is fun to think of all that can happen in a year, the good, the bad, the sad, the exciting....I did my best to pick highlights from this past year. However many I feel like are inside of me, ones I can't really explain or that a picture just doesn't get. Living 11 out of the 12 months in Ireland in 09 and some in 08 was the best experience of my life. Here is my 2009 in review......

In January we had a quiet month. I had a few finals to take to finish up the first semester so much of what did was study...We did have a fun weekend though when we went to the Mc Cusker's local football club's ball....

As the new semester started I found I had two free days during the week, so I decided to volunteer some time to a local charity shop called Oxfam. I did the windows and helped merchandise the stock.
In March Jessica and Brian came to visit! We also worked in a fantastic Paddy's day in Dublin! Seriously one of my best days ever!
Here we are mid day! We worked in a jump in the Irish sea, a parade, an all day long pub crawl, a football match, some dancing in the street, and so much more!
We also took a trip to kiss the Blarney Stone.. legend has it kissing this stone will give you the gift of gab...luckily for everyone I know...I missed the stone...can you blame me in the position they make you kiss it?!
We got to celebrate Easter with a lovely dinner at Andrea's house! I loved feeding the baby lambs...and then later having lamb for dinner...oh dear...
In April, Cristin came to see us! Here we are at the Guinness factory..trying our best to get the pint down!

Also about 5 months before the death of Michael Jackson, we got to go view his belongings...
We hosted a few parties and made new lifelong friends...
We worked in a fantastic trip to Rome.
Joan and Ronan, our lovely friends got married in Rome.
We celebrated the 4th of July with our friend Nathan Jones. Nothing like a bucket of chicken and a few beers to celebrate our independence...followed by a big night out of course! :)

Tommye and Ginny stopped into Dublin for a night..
The summer was full of visitors and we loved it. Here we are with Mallory and Bright surfing in the Atlantic...
Not long after Mom and Dad made another trip! Here we are on the Southern Coast of Ireland..Co Cork.
On Richy's birthday we got ENGAGED!!!

The start of September we went on a 4 day camping trip in Co Kerry with our dear friends Colly and Linda.
Spur of the moment Leah and Ann booked flights to visit!! Here we are in the streets of Galway.
Also Guinness celebrated 250 years so naturally Dublin went mental for this...I convinced the bar tender to let me pull a pint! I have a thing or two to teach to the bar tenders in Fayetteville..
On our camping trip we made plans to visit Colly and Linda in Bangor. Linda is always full of surprises and planned a mini hen party for me! A massage followed by a bottle of champers by the bay! Brilliant!
Next it was time to celebrate all my hard work during the year...Graduation day at Griffith College!
By now we have moved out of Dublin and are waiting for the much anticipated visa paperwork for Richy. Kieran and Mary had a fabulous leaving party for us with family and friends. Here are all the ladies of the house. Mary, Andrea, Lisa, Seoirse, and myself.
The same night, Richy with his brother Steven and sister Andrea. Andrea had big news in 09 as well. She and husband John are expecting twins!

We finally made it stateside! We had a little surprise welcome to America party for Richy! A great night's "craic"
We took a trip to Little Rock so I could make the 9th annual Christmas party with my beautiful college friends. Richy had a fantastic night out with Ben, Brian, and David! Both already looking forward to next year!
Getting in the spirit we took a stroll on the Fayetteville Square.
We had snow on Christmas eve!
Here is a Christmas morning Mc Cusker family picture! Gotta love technology! Not sure why we failed to get an actual Morton Family pic...seeing as we were all person!

Happy New Year!

We look forward to our memories in 2010!