Sunday, January 31, 2010

Happy bird day!

So my Birthday was the 21st of January. I had a lovely evening with Richy on Thursday and then Friday had dinner with my family and friends at Bordinos! It was a perfect night! Was so happy some of my besties could make it out!

Some of the girls!
This dude scares me a bit! But it was snuggie night on Dickson so we got or pic with one of the brave snuggie wearers.
Rich and I
As we were leaving, we realized that Ashley had a pinada' in the back of her car. Random I know but we thought it was funny to set the little unicorn on Dickson Street and watch people's reaction! Poor little guy got a beating! :)


RachelM said...

We had so much fun celebrating your birthday Jo! Glad you were in the US this year so we could be with you!
And the pinata on Dickson is classic! Good things Ashley carries one in the back of her trunk! HA!
Love ya!

miss mary said...

though you had stopped blogging