Monday, September 28, 2009

Joan and Ronan to Dublin!

Ya may remember from previous posts that we went to Joan and Ronan's wedding in Rome! Well Joan and Ronan made it to Dublin Saturday night! We had a blast! Was so nice to catch up and then spend the day Sunday shopping, eating, walking, and wandering about Dublin! We're hoping once we figure out Richy's Visa to visit them in Manchester England where they are currently living! Thanks Joan and Ronan for a fantastic time!

we all need culture!

So Culture Night in Dublin was Friday night and after spending most of the day in bed with a head ache (i felt like miss Hanigan from Annie!) Richy dragged me out of the house for some much needed culture...what acting like I was 21 in a Dublin pub the night before isn't culture?!!?

It was a very enjoyable night though! We got to see the James Joyce House from the book the Dubliners, Christ Church, Dublin Castle, and the Chester Beaty Museum. Basically Dublin puts on Culture Night once a year and everything is opened to the public from 6pm to midnight for free! We met up with some friends that were out and really had a lovely night!

Immigration, flataion, smation

Just a little update on Richy's visa process! The first part of the paper work has been approved in the USA! Good news, now we are waiting on the American Embassy in Dublin to contact him for the second part of the process. He'll have to gather info and fill out more forms, and then go for an interview. We were told to let them contact us, so please pray that they do this soon and we can be on our way to the Fabulous U S of A!

To Arthur..and the Fake Accent?!

Well like I said Arthur's Day was last Thursday and the city sure had a buzz...

Here are a few pics from the evening! As a challenge Richy said I had to pull a pint of Guinness that night from behind the bar! He needs to think of harder challenges though cause I managed to pull if off with no problem!

When I asked the bar man could I pull a pint, he made me ask the in my best American accent I said, "I've come all the way from America to pull a pint of Guinness" I was totally shocked when he told me, yeah I could, but that was such a fake American accent!

Hoping to get that real accent back though soon, cause Leah and her roommate Anne are coming tomorrow for a week! They had the week off, and Richy and I certainly had the time so it all is working out great!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Raise your Glass

So today is the 250th birthday of Guinness! Of course Ireland has seemed to embrace this as a national holiday! Most pubs in Dublin are having surprise guest performances today, so with the purchase of a 9 Euro ticket to the pub down the street, Richy and I will join in the fun!

I believe the worldwide toast is at 17:59 or if you're like me and hate a 24 hour clock..5:59 PM Dublin time! So think of me and and the madness in Dublin at 11:59 AM or better yet raise a pint of Guinness!

PS not a fan of this Guinness...but for today I'll pretend! :) Like their cute ads though!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

so behind

Hi there,
Well I finally have my new computer! Amazing how out of touch you feel when you don't have Internet or a computer! Feeling a bit homesick as Razorback season kicks into gear but hopefully we'll be home or stateside soon!

If everything goes as planned we should be making a move back across that big ocean in December. Please say a little prayer that nothing is delayed in Richy's paperwork. Dealing with the US Government has been great so far so hopefully things will roll on smoothly! More to come soon! :)


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Camping in Kerry! or the festival of four!

Well I did it! I grabbed the bull by the horns and camped...for two days at that...and in the rain! It was truly a great trip with great company! Our friends Colm and Linda came down Wednesday night and we headed out for Co. Kerry the next morning. After a long car ride we made it to our camp site! Now I do have to say the camp site was Posh! There was a really nice living room with a fireplace, a kitchen for breakfast and totally clean showers and bathrooms. It honestly was cleaner than the hotel we checked into the last night! We were in such a beautiful part of Ireland that the rain didn't even put me off to much! It was just a chilled out road trip with no agenda! Have a peak at some of our snaps!
horse racing on the beach was a first for me!
could not get over the setting! so beautiful! Euros won = 0
Colly and Linda surprise Richy and I with a Champagne toast in this lovely Gypsy caravan! we were so surprised and loved every minute of it! we ended up having a bit of a sing along! of course everyone knew their Irish songs but me! so I sang the song from the little mermaid...everyone loved it though!
how cute?!
Linda is so detailed! candles, heart napkins! thanks again!
empty beach with the water
toweling off...nothing like a little skimpy dip in the ocean! :)
the boys exploring a castle!
the girls on top of a cliff!

walking up the cliff! fun walk but got totally drenched coming back down!
in the little living room! making smores!
our lovely little tent! it was so windy and rainy that we thought we might have a wizard of oz experience and wake up in a different place!