Monday, July 28, 2008

McCusker birthday party

Okay so this was the highlight of my week! Richy's uncle turned 60 so there was a surprise party for him at Richy's cousin's house! I think it is safe to say I have met all of the McCuskers now..i think! haha! What a fun party! Nearly everyone in the family can play an instrument or sing so the video I hope to attach is all Richy's family playing! So cool!

After the night goes on for a bit they get everyone in the living room and like Richy is asked to sing and then when he is done he calls on someone else to go...ummm scary game for someone like me to be a part of...I really really really tried to blend in, but it didn't work!

So I was called out by Richy's neighbor...I don't know any songs to what did I do??? I busted out the Arkansas Fight Song! I thought if I didn't something weird i'd never be called on again...but later on I had to do another performance for those who had missed! Actually the neighbor said "if i can do a flip, Joanna will you do your cheer again" Thinking there was no way I agreed...well he flipped and I sang again!

What a night! A night that didn't end until 4:30 in the morning!

oh in the pics...Richy's mom Mary, Richy's lil bro Steven and girlfriend Lisa!
Armagh won their game Sunday! YAY!!!

Mark Ronson

Thursday Richy and I went to a Mark Ronson Concert! This was awesome! Really a fun night out, cept once again I wore the wrong shoes! Flats it is from now on! Anyway I had never heard of Mark Ronson, but he is really big over here and in the UK. Look him up! Annie you would be so proud! ha!

Friday, July 25, 2008

where am I going?!

Hi there! No pics for the time being! I'll add some later! So today I got completely lost in Dublin in dress clothes. Yes I was wearing the cutest peep toe heels that I'd now like to burn! Could have caved and taken a cab home but I was determined not to spend any more of my hard earned euros...ha! Anyway once I realized my map was upside down I made it...practically walked out of dublin first but hey...I'm learning! Happy weekend y'all!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Gaelic Football

Alright so Richy and his family are huge fans of the Armagh football team! They were playing in a really big game this last weekend and I got to go and see what it is all about! Very entertaining! I think there were some 35,000 people attending this game! The girls wear jerseys to the game so as a welcome to Ireland gift Richy's parents hooked me up!

I also find it entertaining that children are common in pubs! They only have to be out by 10p.m.
So the match was tied and they will play again this Sunday!! GOOOO ARMMMAAGGHH! I think they need cheerleaders...would take the focus away from all of the colorful language going on all around! haha! Really a fun time though! : )

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

clowning around!

Okay so here we are playing around in Armagh, Northern Ireland which would be Richy's hometown! Just being silly, but Richy doesn't have a bad toe touch! haha! : )

a little weird maybe!?!

Very random, but Richy's neighbors have this thing cause its what they do for a living...anyway it had to be parked at the McCuskers while work was being done to their driveway! We saw a photo opt and took it! How morbid huh?!

I have arrived!

So I've now been in Ireland for just over a week! So happy to finally be here! Not really sure how to blog, but I'll give it a go!

So arrived in Dublin July 14th and since then I have wondered the streets of Dublin, been to a few cool pubs, attended Philly and Catherine's wedding, walked on the beach, had a McCusker family dinner, meet more of Richy's family, had my picture taken in a hearse, seen Richy's home he owns in Cavan (town outside Dublin), attended two "football" games (never heard the F word used so much!), visited my college, and lots of other various activities!

So many hoops to jump to be able to live and work here so this week and next I'll probably be taking care of those little obstacles. Dublin is really cool though! What an amazing city! Can't wait til I know where I'm going and what I'm doing!