Wednesday, May 27, 2009

34 years

                                             "Miss Mary" and Kieran and Sorcha(lisa's little cuttie)
Steven and Lisa
Richy and I (don't you love the new hair?)
John and Andrea
The Mc Cusker Family

So on Sunday we went out to Digby's after mass to celebrate Mary and Kieran's 34th wedding anniversary! The food was fabulous and the company even better!  My parents are coming to visit in Ireland again in August!  I'm so excited!!! They say it is to celebrate their 40th thru their 50th anniversary! (EVEN THOUGH IT IS ONLY 39 IN AUGUST!)  Richy and I are both so blessed to have parents who have happy marriages!

Party at "The Dome"

The morning after the carnage
                                    The cute hostests! They fixed a great meal for everyone!

                                    Like a bar in your backyard! :)
                                     "The Dome"

So I'd heard rumors and seen pictures, but finally I was able to experience the dome for myself!  For the millennium Richy's neighbors decided to convert an old barn into a party place!  Complete with a fireplace, fridges for beer, and plenty of comfy seating, "The Dome" lived up to my expectations!  The party was for Richy's childhood friend Liam's 30th birthday bash! We stayed til about 2 and there were still people arriving as we were heading out!  

 I was kinda happy to dart out when we did, cause I had this feeling I was going to be asked to sing again...The only song I had in my head was the "fifty nifty United States" ya know where you sing all the states!  The singing had started and I wasn't in the mood for embarrassment.  But great to catch up and great to finally get to experience "The Dome"!  Oh and the local priest came out for an official blessing back when the dome first opened I thought that was worth noting! :)

Monday, May 25, 2009

The Barge

                                   Good luck in Scotland Colm!

Friday night we walked down the canel to meet friends at the 51 club for Colm's leaving party.  It was a really nice evening and there were tons of Barges in the canal.  We stopped to snap some pics in front of a popular bar called "The Barge" notice all the people out enjoying the weather! 

Thursday, May 21, 2009


                                   The boys
                                  The girls
                                    My failed cheese dip...nothing can replace Velvetta.....

So with finals life has been a bit nuts! I mean it is only a test right, but for some reason this semester didn't click very well with me, so lots and lots of study was required! Anyway nearly finished now! The weekend after the 5th of May we had a little Cinco de Mayo party!  Just invited some close friends over for tacos and margaritas!  Cinco de Mayo was a new concept for my Irish friends, but they jumped on the bandwagon just like we Americans do! :) 

This weekend we are headed to Madden (the McCusker neck of the woods)  for a 30th birthday party in "The Dome"...... stay tuned!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Hi there!
Some of you had mentioned you had trouble calling me on my skype number ya know the 479 one? Anyway I had accidentally let the number expire, but it is up and running again!

So you can keep calling on that same number!! It should now work seeing as I have actually paid for it too this time! :)

Miss everyone! Keep the calls coming! 

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The BEST sandwich EVER!

So this weekend we went out to the country for the day and ate lunch at the cutest place ever.  It was very Fayetteville and kinda reminded me of a smaller and more quint Smokehouse.  Anyway you could get wine and organic fruits and veg in the front and then in the back you could get tasty food!  I loved my sandwich and think everyone should try it out!

Bread was a wheat baguette with some seads on top, but i'm sure any roll or baguette will do!
filling is
Sun Dried Tomatoes in Olive Oil
Goats Cheese
Grilled Eggplant
Garlic Mayo


I so wish I would have snapped a photo of this little place, but I have a feeling we'll be back!

What is YOUR fav combo for a sandwich?! I'll give it a try!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

time to post...

Here are a few pics from the past two weekends. Below is Richy's first flower buying experience!  We have a window box that I was dying to plant flowers in, so we finally got around to that this last weekend!

We took a drive about an hour outside of Dublin through the mountains and ended up at the Ritz Carlton. Very fancy and in my designer opinion too over done and stuffy.  Not a bit of contemporary flair what so ever.  If it was an old hotel I could understand, but it was just built! 
Anyway snapped a few pics of a wedding reception going on! Below is probably the best glass of red wine I've ever had! Was so so nice to get to sit outside on a patio with nice weather!  The things I took for granted in the ville! :)

For any "Far and Away" movie fans!  This is where part of the movie was filmed.  The house above is Nicole Kidman's (Shannon) Family Manor in Ireland.....and below is the front yard where they take Tom Cruise (Joseph) out to shoot him the next day in the fog...Does anyone know what I'm talking about?! I love that movie!

We then went to a National Park called Glendaloch..It was a lovely place to hike around!  So much to see and again it was a nice day!  Above Celtic Cross and below pretty water fall that was a hike and a half to get to the top of!
This area below kinda reminded me of Colorado in the summer...!?!?

TINKER ALERT!!! lol! I finally got to see my first Tinker/Traveler/Gypsy grouping!  These people kinda live on the outskirts of society.  Known for being sneaky, avoiding taxes, over the top weddings, and just kinda setting up residence wherever they please, tinkers are evidently all over Ireland!

Dublin Flee Market!! 10Euro for a cup of joe and a little painting of yourself
Live entertainment at the Flee Market too!
I was amazed at how many people were there!  Selling everything from art to photography to furniture to clothes! There was a lot of pure junk too! :) It was very interesting to look around!
In yet another Dublin Park!
Love all the Tulips! My Favorite flower!
The house on the corner of our street that is for sale!  Wonder what the price tag is?!?! 
Famous Graffiti Artist at work!  It says in the heart Babylon falling.....kinda explains the Irish economy!  I heard on the news that Ireland is the most hit of all economies besides third world countries.