Friday, November 20, 2009

Girls weekend in Dublin!

karaoke taxi home at the end of the night! Lucy and I had the driver take the long way home so we could finish "total eclipse of the heart"

Alva and her honey Flavion who we picked up in our karaoke taxi along with 3 of his French friends! They didn't know what to make of the situation!

Naomi, Lucy and I

Alva and I

where was Angela?! wish I would have gotten a pic with her too :(

So last weekend Richy had his "Stag" party with all his lads around Armagh, and I had a mini "Hen" party with my friends in Dublin! Lucy was the ring leader of this weekend and she did a fantastic job! I met her in Dublin Saturday and we treated ourselves to a few hours at the spa! I've been under a lot of stress lately so it was just what I needed! We then met Naomi, Alva, and Angela out for dinner and drinks on the town! It was a fabulous night! Thanks girls for such a fun night out!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


you're getting so close, USA, I can almost taste you........
Richy's interview at the Dublin embassy is this Tuesday....Please pray that everything goes smoothly.

I will certainly miss Dublin and Ireland, but I am ready to start fresh in the USA. I do have to say I miss the American positive attitude, which I didn't know we as a nation had, until I was told by too many Irish people to count that we did..Slowly though I started to notice, that yes we may see the glass as half full instead of half empty...Things really are "awesome" aren't they?!

pics to come of my weekend in Dublin with the girls!

Friday, November 13, 2009

All Graduated!

The clock tower at Griffith College

it is official!

someone felt left out...did you know only women here wear the hats?

Graduation at Griffith College was yesterday! I found it odd that I got my results in early Oct. and they didn't have the ceremony til now, but whatever floats their boat! Also I was thinking the robe would zip up the front...I clearly would have worn black had I known that it didn't! :) It was a nice day and good closure! Richy was so sweet to sit through the boring ceremony! I love him to pieces! So the Masters degree is now behind front is a massive job search! Wish me luck! :)

misty madden

Well folks our walks have gone from busy streets to calm countryside. I snapped a few photos on our morning walk with the Mc Cusker family dog Buffy. Although I miss the buzz of Dublin, the calm is refreshing.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

news up north!

I've been a bad little blogger lately! One night coming home from the gym a bull had got out of his pen and was just chilling on the side of the little country lane way....I burst into the house to get my camera so I could go back for a pic. I have to say I got some strange looks from the McCuskers..and I don't blame them! Richy and I are both a little picture happy and I am forever thinking things are different or neat-O (even after nearly a year and a half in Ireland) Anyway...the stupid camera died so no bull pic for the blog!

Had a fantastic long weekend up in Bangor with Colly and Linda! Linda had a lovely surprise for me so I'll put pics up once I get them from Linda...let's just say I had a mini hen party! :) We are so blessed to have such great friends up here in the North! Pics to follow!